Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Some things to consider when buying Gas Lanterns and Gas Lights

Gas Lanterns create a sense of warmth and add beauty to any home.

Some things to consider when you are looking to purchase a gas lantern:

  1. Does it have a door?  This sounds like a silly requirement but there are a lot of lanterns on the market today that do not have a door.  If the flame blows out it is necessary to take the glass out just to light the lantern.  I have replaced many lanterns for homeowners who replaced their existing lanterns just because it was so difficult to light their lanterns without a door.
  2. Is your lantern going to be exposed to harsh conditions and cold weather?  Consider a solid top instead of a glass top.  The tops of the lanterns get very hot.  If cold rain and sleet hit a glass roof it can crack the glass creating a maintenance issue for the homeowner.  If your lanterns are under a roof or on a porch that should not be an issue.  But if it is exposed to cold rain, sleet or hail consider a solid roof.
  3. Does the gas line enter the lantern from underneath the burner stem?  This is a safety issue. A lot of lighting stores sell a wide assortment of gas lanterns.  Some of these are imported from China and may not be built to what we consider normal standards.   I have seen lanterns that have the gas line coming in from the top of the lantern.  Be sure that the gas line enters the lantern underneath  the flame.
  4. Is your lantern made out of copper?  Gas lanterns get extremely hot.  Paint and other finishes will peel and fade over time creating a maintenance issue.  Copper can withstand the heat and forms a beautiful patina that requires no maintenance.  This is especially important in environments that are extremely corrosive like Florida.
  5. Is the lantern large enough?  Many clients ask me for lanterns that are small in size.  Electric lights can be small and it is not a problem.  However, gas lights need oxygen to stay lit.  If the lantern is too small it may not stay lit.  Most gas lanterns should be at least 20 inches in height.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

See our lanterns on Season 2 of The Vanilla Ice Project!

Watch Sheryl's Natural Gas Lanterns with Electronic Ignition featured on Episode 1, Season 2 of The Vanilla Ice Project on HGTV.  Rob Matthews, aka Vanilla Ice, adds some bling to a Palm Beach Mansion undergoing renovation by adding gas lanterns to the brick columns of an elaborate iron gate.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gas Lights


You can go to YouTube to watch this video and click on watch in high quality and full screen if you would like to see it in higher definition.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Demonstration of Electronic Ignition for Gas Lanterns

Video demonstration of electronic ignition for gas lanterns. For more information visit http://www.gaslanternsandlights.com/ Be sure if you order Electronic Ignition to install a transformer before turning the lights on. Do not hook the lights up to 110 Volts.